Embrace Your Human Experience

I am on a mission to take the Synthesis of all of my experience and knowledge and present it to you in a enjoyable and easy to apply form.

I cannot tell you that there is a cure for depression, anxiety, or any other suffering.

I can promise you that you can exist with them in this Human Experience.

~Josh Cothen


I want to help you Embrace Your Human Experience.

How Can I Help?

Are you at the crossroads of life?
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  • David C. says...

    I just ended a half hour call with Josh. 
    I am seriously so ecstatic about a breakthrough that he helped lead me to!
    I’m at a transitional point in my life and at times feel very unclear about which direction to go, regardless of my dreams and abilities. 
    The answer was right in front of me but my eyes were closed.
    It was like he guided me towards understanding which direction to shift my personal paradigm.
    I always trust Josh to see a clear and bold strategy that is directly applicable to my life.
    Sometimes in a way that I cannot ignore SO…
    Don’t ask if you don’t want the answer 😉

    David C. says...