Hi there! My name is

Josh Cothen

I am on a mission to help you Embrace Your Humanity!
With some simple breathing techniques, and maybe add a splash of meditation or movement, you can start living a better existence.
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I have existed with anxiety and depression since my sophomore year in highschool! After almost a decade serving in the US Navy and working for the VA Hospital I have been on a personal journey for the past 11 years exploring anything that I could use to relieve my pain, that wasn’t in a pill form.
I have taken college courses on Transpersonal psychology, classes on breathing and meditation. I am an avid student and practitioner of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s AMAZING work.
Along this Journey I have developed my own personal synthesis of all of the teachings I have received so far and created some extremely simple breath and meditation exercises that I hope can help you in your existence and personally Embrace Your Humanity.
I believe that my breathing and awareness techniques can help you get through that crowded airport and can even assist you in transcending this reality.

About Me

Veteran, Husband, Homesteader, and Father

I served nine years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician, Second Class, specializing in Information Systems Maintenance and System Administration. I even managed the first Shipboard Wireless Network in the Navy. …that’s kinda cool…

While Serving in the navy it was my duty to develop Standard Operating Procedures for all of my division personnel so that they could complete my everyday task, without my supervision. The Navy does not like “Single Points of Failure”. Basically, if something happened to me they still wanted to receive emails…

I had a knack for it and when you’re good at something in the Navy you get to be the one who keeps doing the job.

Building upon that I have created advanced trainings that other sailors with a specific skill set could complete with no problems. The ability to cross train other sailors with the similar training to become proficient at completing task and repairs was a necessity.

With any gear that we were responsible for we had to also be proficient at operating, in other words… If you can fix it you need to be able to work it! I got to write my fair share of operation guides and SOP’s as well.

I have been applying this skill to everything I learn and experience. I enjoy being able to synthesize complex information and task and distill them into a memorable set of task or instructions that anyone of any skill level could follow.

My depression and anxiety were a constant throughout my service in the Navy, you just were not allowed to let it affect your duties. So, you sucked it up and carried on. This is the way for most veterans while in service. We have our duty and we have our mission. We must complete the mission, that’s our duty.

When some Veterans are discharged, their loss of mission and no longer having defined duty can be quite the shock to ol’ system.  

This is what I believe happened to Yours Truly.

My Depression Got Bad… with no obvious reason.

I was 28. I grew an Amazing Beard. I had a good job at the VA hospital as a System Administrator and Telecommunications Specialist. It was easy for me and it paid well. It was 2008 to boot!

I began taking college courses to keep myself busy and got my first taste of Transpersonal Psychology.  I was married and my wife was pregnant. She was interested in Hypnobirthing so I began researching other forms of hypnosis and meditation.

That’s when I began my meditation practices and incidentally when my wife, at the time, suggested that I see a doctor and try these antidepressants that seemed to be working for her.

So, willing to try anything that might relieve some pain… I did.

I tried one… then another and then another…. Nothing worked… Just complete numbness.

Oh! Numbness…. there’s something for that… lets add another pill on on top of this one your already taking… etc… etc.. and on and on… until I felt like I had no idea who i was anymore.

I was taking theses prescriptions and dependant upon them to maintain a presentable mood and appearance. I did not like it and it was just another form of suffering. I had to stop taking these F’n Pills!

Fun Fact: I believe the only way for Josh Cothen to “Quit” something is the tried and true “Cold Turkey” method.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend this method of quitting antidepressants. Please follow the advice of your medical professional.

So, on my christmas vacation from work…. I did what some might call a “Bad Idea”… I flushed every pill in the medicine cabinet.

Cut to: Josh’s First Nervous Breakdown

Weeping… Locking myself in the bathroom for the better part of a day… Shaving my head… Wailing… I mean the works!

I Believe that’s the day it all began. I was back to being my depressed self but with a new mission of how to exist in this body WITH the depression. I Quit my job 4 weeks later…

From that Infamous Day… to now 12 years of meditation and exploration later.

(Stay tuned for all of those stories!)

I am on a mission to take the Synthesis of all of my experience and knowledge and present it to you in a enjoyable and easy to apply form.

I cannot tell you that there is a cure for depression, anxiety, or any other suffering.

I can promise you that you can exist with them in this Human Experience.

I want to help you Embrace Your Human Experience.