Setup Your Web Hosting

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Do You Need A New Website?

Do you have a hosting account that’s not performing the way it used to?


I completely understand and have gone through the same problem!

I found the solution
to my problems was to:

Setup SiteGround 
Web Hosting!

Especially if you need to Setup WordPress Hosting.


Web Hosting Siteground wordpress

A Few of My Favorite Features

The ONLY  Web Hosting I use is SITEGROUND!.

I have been through most of the other options out there and I have found nothing better! 


Free Automated WordPress Transfer

Switching Hosting Providers Has Never Been Easier!

24/7 Amazingly Fast Support

Email, Phone or Chat

WordPress Advanced Security

Server Level Security Monitoring and Fixes

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

Automated Installation of SSL Certificates


Setting Up Web Hosting Is Super Easy!

Just follow these simple steps and you will have your new hosting account in a matter of minutes.

Step 1 Go To and Choose a Plan

For most people Grow Big is my recommendation. 

Startup is cheaper…
But it is only suited for an extremely small website  that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic and isn’t updated frequently.

If you are running a WordPress Multi-Site website or an active eCommerce site,
the GoGeek plan is the right choice due to it’s higher resources and versatility.

Click on the Get Plan button under the option that is right for you.


Click Here! To Go To

Setup WordPress Web Hosting Siteground

Step 2 Select Your Domain

siteground hosting setup

Now, you can either register a new domain name or choose to use one you already own!


If you’re using an existing domain name, just type the name and extension in the text field and click Proceed



Step 3 Enter Your Information and Complete

siteground setup hosting wordpress

Enter your email address. 

Your email address will be your SiteGround username.

Create a secure password.

Then fill in your “Client Information”. 

Siteground wordpress setup

Enter Your Payment Information


wordpress hosting setup

Verify Your Details and Place Your Order

Select the time period you want to sign up for.

Under extra services, you can choose to include the SG Site Scanner but it’s not necessary because of all the plugins available to protect and scan your site.

Click the PAY NOW  button and your hosing account will be setup!